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About Rhett Smillie Real Estate

I had some great role models in business (my family has 100+ years experience as business owners in the Springfield area). I learned about the many important things it takes to be in business...hard work, integrity, customer first. One of the biggest keys to being successful in business I learned from my dad. My dad showed me how important it was to take care of your people, your partners in business. I see people today who worked for my dad 30 years ago, who have other jobs, and they still come to him for advice or help today. I wake up everyday knowing that I have people who depend on me to help them get what they want and family, my sellers and buyers, my team. I get how important that is, how important you are. 

Rhett Smillie Real Estate powered by Keller Williams is an experienced and growing Real Estate marketing and sales team. We are consistently among the leaders in our local market and we have helped hundreds of sellers and buyers in our  20+ years experience. We focus on providing our clients with the best possible experience, and we do a really good's probably why 90% or more of the people we help are repeat clients or referrals from our current and past clients. 

How do you fit in?

We are currently looking for new team members to join us! 

We're looking for:

1. Inside Sales - We're looking for a talented sales representative to play a big role in our growth. Our sales team is slammed with good leads. We have a targeted list of interested leads for you to follow up with who actually won't hang up on you. 

Responsibilities include scheduling demos, performing demos, closing sales, making about 50-100 calls per day and communicating efficiently with the rest of the sales team. 

2. Digital Marketing - We're hiring a digital marketer to perform what we call CAB: Create Content, Advertise it on Facebook and Blast it out through email. You'll learn from and report directly to the team leader. If you like Facebook and you like marketing, you will love this position! 

Responsibilities include publishing blog posts, sending email marketing messages, running Facebook ads and communicating with clients about their specific strategies and goals. 

3. Showing Assistant - We're hiring  people to just show houses...yep thats  the job...showing houses. If you like looking at houses, this is for you! You'll learn from and report directly to the team leader. 

Responsibilities guessed it...showing houses!

4. Buyers Agent - We're looking for a real pro here. Ideally, you have experience in real estate. You will lead the buyers side of our business, direct showing assistants, handle contracts and inspections, and seek people to help buy real estate!  This is a very important role and the right person to take this position is a very special person...a Rock Star🦄  Unicorn if you will!

5. Admin- You are the heart of our office! You make things happen and keep these crazy sales people in line. You are super organized, like everything a certain way, are out going and have a huge heart for our clients!

Are you a fit for Rhett Smillie Real Estate? Email us your résumé and cover letter.

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